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Scholarship Recipient Stories


Outstanding response to Bondor TAFE SA TAFE National Scholarships Prizes


A new TAFE National Scholarships initiative sponsored by Bondor and administered by TAFE SA attracted over 40 applications, of which 18 were awarded the prizes.


Students studying Work Health and Safety (WHS) as part of their TAFE SA course were encouraged to apply for prizes valued at $500 each.


To be successful in their applications, students needed to demonstrate their understanding of the importance of WHS practices in the workplace and to illustrate themselves applying such practices appropriate to their career and course of study. Only the best responses were considered.


Bondor was keen to sponsor these prizes to reinforce its commitment to safety training to the construction industry with a focus in South Australia due to the number of projects it has in that state.


Do you wish to promote your organisation as a leader in supporting skilled training? TAFE Directors Australia National Scholarships Foundation welcomes enquiries from any organisations interested in supporting students keen to advance their careers in your industry. Email or phone Gretchel, Executive Officer on 0414 282 164.


Here are the winners and a summary of their entries:


Marie Samarelli, 24 – Certificate II in Electrotechnology


Marie wants to become a qualified electrician to challenge herself and further her knowledge. She wishes to stay within the SA Power Networks and achieve great results by the end of the course to produce a high standard of work as an electrician.


Marie is currently an electrical apprentice with SA Power Networks and was previously a Trade Assistant for solar installations.


Marie believes that correct PPE, procedures and policies are vital in the electricity industry due to the potential of severe harm or death. The photo shows Marie wearing appropriate gear for working in electrical trades.


Cecil Bhasme, 48 – Certificate IV in Building

Cecil aims to gain a deeper understanding of the building industry and to run his own construction business for small to medium housing projects.

Cecil is currently employed with Embrace Homes.

Cecil believes safety is paramount in all work places and the responsibility of every employee. In the construction industry, a high risk environment, WHS practices need to be strictly adhered to. The photo demonstrates Cecil operating an angle grinder with all necessary safety precautions.  



Hayden Campbell, 21 – Certificate IV in Plumbing


Hayden wishes to expand his opportunities in plumbing.


Hayden is currently employed through the Master Plumbers Association.


Hayden believes that WHS practices keep employees and employers comfortable that jobs will be completed correctly and efficiently. The photo demonstrates proper and effective use of PPE in the workshop.  



Mitchell Corren, 20 – Certificate III in Refrigeration


Mitch has an interest in the variety of refrigeration aspects in the construction industry and aims to be self-employed so he can one day assist others to gain an apprenticeship.


Mitch is currently an apprentice refrigeration mechanic.


Mitch believes that learning about all possible work hazards will prevent them in the future. The photo illustrates Mitch’s observance of protection against eye injury and the importance of wearing high visibility vests.  



Michael Cruse, 28 – Certificate II in Multi Trade Electrical/Engineering (Regional Development Australia Program)


Michael wants to pursue employment in his home town of Whyalla.


Michael is currently an oyster farmer but sees his TAFE course as the best way to establishing his career.


Michael believes that PPE measures ensure safety of the work and study environment. The photo shows how Michael protects himself from possible injury.  



Kyle Daniel, 21 – Certificate II in Multi Trade Electrical/Engineering (Regional Development Australia Program)


Kyle chose his course because it has great potential for completing his career goals and will provide solid foundations and ethics about the working environment. He aims to be the best in whatever field he decides to pursue.


Kyle is currently a “delivery expert” at Port Augusta’s Dominos.


Kyle is keen to ensure WHS practices increase productivity and keep accidents at a minimum and improve communication between employees. The photo demonstrates how Kyle uses safety equipment when using a grinder.  



Aaron Dignam, 19 – Certificate III in Metal Roofing and Cladding


Aaron selected the course to gain basic knowledge of the plumbing industry to eventually run his own business.


Aaron is currently working for Coles Supermarkets.


Aaron wants to learn how any risk of accidents or injuries are kept to a minimum. The photo demonstrates Aaron in his PPE gear to ensure safety.  



Tod Griffiths, 20 – Certificate II in Electrotechnology


Tod selected the course to enable him to become a fully qualified electrician to learn the correct techniques and practices to service his local and surrounding areas.


Tod is currently an electrical apprentice for a Manoora based employer.


Tod believes WHS practices improve the working environment by creating minimal exposure to injury. The photo demonstrates how Tod complies with WHS practices by isolating power to avoid electric shock and the PPE gear needed while working in dangerous areas.  




Billy Kounbanphet, 19 – Certificate II in Electrotechnology


Billy believes a career in the electrical field would suit him as he has always been good working with his hands and aims to gain an apprenticeship.


Billy is currently working as a waiter and in gyprocking / flushing on a casual basis.


Billy understands that having a safe working environment where everything is stored in correct places, there is adequate lighting, wearing correct PPE gear limits hazards and risks. The photo demonstrates use of PPE gear while using a drill press.  

Lalit Kumar, 47 – Certificate IV in Building


Lalit wishes to learn how to build houses to Australian standards and also to learn about site management so he can be a site supervisor.


Lalit Currently self-employed as a handyman and has also worked as a fitter.


Lalit has a good understanding of necessary practices surrounding safety in the construction industry to prevent workers from falling. The photo shows Lalit practising his carpentry skills.  




Mitchel Lancaster, 36 – Certificate III in Electrotechnology


Mitchel left his long-term employment in order to run his own business and train upcoming electricians.


Mitchel is currently an apprentice electrician and was previously an Area Representative for Mack / Volvo trucks.


Mitchel states that WHS is pivotal for all PBBUs and that the right practices keep him safe and injury free to allow him a long and injury free career and to return home each day to his family. The photo demonstrates Mitchel wearing PPE gear while conducting electrical isolation.  

Tuan Duc Le, 40 – Certificate IV in Building Construction


Tuan wants to become a site manager and found the TAFE course is practical and suits his future career.


Tuan is currently studying full-time and was previously a senior engineer at a golf course in Vietnam.

Tuan understands that WHS practices help prevent accidents not only at the building site but also in surrounding areas. The photo shows Tuan in the safety gear required for safe working.  



Glen Malone, 19 – Certificate II in Metal Roofing and Cladding


Glen selected the course to gain knowledge and experience in the plumbing field and to gain an apprenticeship as a plumber.


Glen currently works as a night filler with Coles Supermarkets.


Glen states that WHS practices keep everyone safe so they can focus on practical tasks. The photo shows Glen in appropriate PPE gear.  



Luke Matei, 27 – Certificate II in Pre Voc Plumbing


Luke is studying the course to gain experience, knowledge and skills to assist him gain employment in plumbing and to land an apprenticeship to enable him to obtain consistent, sustainable work.


Luke Is currently a freight handler and has previously worked as a casual labourer.


Luke believes that when everyone takes caution it fosters an environment where people can flourish and feel comfortable in the workplace. The photo shows Luke in his PPE gear.  
Charissa Newcombe, 35 – Certificate II in Multi Trade Electrical/Engineering (Regional Development Australia Program)


Charissa selected the course to further her skills in a new industry and to be a role model for her two teenage children. She would like to own her own business.


Charissa is currently studying full time and was previously Assistant Manager at a retail outlet.


Charissa states that any hazards and risks should be identified, assessed, controlled or removed as quickly and efficiently as possible. The photo illustrates Charissa working on a tool box in her protective clothes and other gear.  



Holly Schleyer, 39 – Certificate II in Electrotechnology


Holly wants to become a qualified trade worker in the electrical industry at the completion of her apprenticeship.


Holly is currently an electrical apprentice with SA Power Networks and has previously worked in technical support for ZEN Energy.


Holly states that when working with electricity there is a high risk of injury and even death as well as causing damage to equipment and property. WHS practices ensure safety for workers, equipment and the public in relation to installation and maintenance of electrical infrastructure. The photo shows Holly with appropriate PPE gear.  



Rathvesarl Uy, 20 – Certificate II in Electrotechnology


Rathvesari selected the course to provide him with skills and knowledge needed by a first-year electrical apprentice and gain a Class A electrical licence and one day start his own business.


Rathvesari states that if WHS practices are not properly implemented serious injuries or deaths may result. A common example within the electrical industry is working in cramped spaces with earthed metalwork. The photo demonstrates Rathyesari wearing PPE whilst safely using a drill press.  
Hui Zhou, 49 – Certificate IV in Building Construction (Estimating)


Hui with nearly 20 years experience in civil engineering in Shanghai, Hui seeks to gain knowledge of the Australian codes and Act so he can return to being a civil engineer in Australia.


Hui worked in various civil engineering capacities in Shanghai before coming to Australia.


Hui understands the importance of policies and procedures to ensure both psychological and physical health of employees. The photo demonstrates Hui’s wearing of protective gear.  


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