Saturday 25 January 2020

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TAFEs are critical to the success of the Foundation and work closely with TDA staff to promote scholarships, assist in the selection of suitable recipients and organise presentation events and disbursement of payments to students.


Involvement of student support, marketing, college and other TAFE staff is crucial and can easily be facilitated by contacting the Foundation.


How the Foundation works with you


All TAFEs can participate through fundraising activities. If you would like a copy of the Fundraising guidelines either login or email with your request.


TAFEs can become Scholarship Associates once there are identified funds to pay for scholarships.


Login Guides and Forms


Any TAFE can obtain a login to access documents to help them in administering scholarships and to raise funds.


If you don’t already have a login username or password, please email to request access.


After gaining access you will be able to use these resources:


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