Tuesday 28 January 2020

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Why donate?

Historically TAFE students have incurred lower fees, lower out-of-pocket expenses and less need to live away from home than University students. However TAFE student fees are now undergoing significant change with higher student contributions, including full fees for some courses.

Universities have responded to their student fee environment with a large number of scholarship opportunities. Now it is time for TAFE to do the same. We will achieve this with your support.

The TAFE Directors Australia (TDA) National Scholarships Foundation was established to assist students with equity scholarships for those experiencing financial hardship and achievement sholarships for those demonstrating excellence.

Scholarship funds may be used for students’ fees, computers, books, childcare, transport costs, tools or equipment.

A small percentage is retained by the Foundation to cover administration costs


How to donate by email or post

Any individual or organisation – be they a previous student, parent, employer, friend of TAFE or anyone else who appreciates that TAFE students sometimes need a bit of financial assistance to achieve their career goals – can donate any amount anytime through our through completing a form and emailing/posting to us.

To donate by post or email, complete this Donation form and return to us so you can notify us that you have made a payment through direct transfer to our bank account (EFT), send an attached cheque or if you want to provide credit card details directly to us.


Workplace giving

Employees can make regular, pre-tax contributions to support TAFE National Scholarships through workplace giving. Workplace giving is one of the most effective ways to give. Employees can nominate an amount pre tax that they would like to donate will receive an immediate tax benefit without having to wait to the end of the financial year for their refund. Your company may already participates in workplace giving, but if not your payroll department should be able to easily make appropriate arrangements.

Matched giving means employers may match their staff’s contributions. Every dollar donated comes from pre-tax income, so it’s a win-win. Effectively, employees’ contributions are doubled! And it’s a great incentive for participation.

Benefits of workplace and matched giving:

Click here to download a form to send to your payroll people to enable regular deductions from your pay.

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