Friday 23 March 2018

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Mick Young Scholarships

The Mick Young Scholarships were first offered in 1997 to further the work of Mick Young, a shearer, and federal cabinet minister who raised funds to help students complete their education.

Mick Young was driven by the core belief that education creates opportunity, and has the capacity to change the lives of individuals, families and communities.
What began as a compassionate idea to provide, from his own pocket, scholarships to assist people doing it tough in his electorate of Port Adelaide, now stands as testimony to the egalitarian beliefs of one individual.

After Mick died in 1996, his colleagues and family decided to continue his work by creating the Mick Young Scholarships Trust. It became national in 1997 and has continued Mick’s abiding belief in education as “a right, not a privilege.”

In all, a total of $1.7 million has been distributed to some 3,000 students.

“The Mick Young Scholarships are a splendid symbol of everything Mick stood for – practical, effective, modest, helping Australians, doing good without fuss or fanfare but with real and lasting benefits.  That was what Mick Young was all about.  He lives on through the Mick Young Scholarships.” – Graham Freudenberg.

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