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Ron Jackson

Director, Strategy and Tertiary Financing

Ronald joined TAFE Directors Australia in June 2017.  Educated in New Zealand, Australia and the United States, Ronald has a Bachelor of Commence in Economics and Marketing from Griffith University, Queensland, specialising in the analysis of firms and industries and market framed consumer and producer choice (a precursor to behavioural economics).

Ronald is an experienced public policy adviser, a reformist in public policy and organisational purpose, and a key member of project teams and taskforces, including the establishment of teams.  An ex Australian Commonwealth Treasury official, Ronald originally came to Canberra to work on the Commonwealth Budget and he was a member of the taskforce that transitioned the Commonwealth from cash to accrual budgeting.  His most important work, at that time, was on the introduction of the outcomes-outputs framework for the operation of government, and he remains a passionate advocate for performance information (now known as data underpinned, evidence driven policy).

Seeking to challenge himself outside the central agencies of the Australian Government, in the early 2000s Ronald was a policy and political adviser for the Australian Government minister responsible for the expenditure side of the Commonwealth budget, and the economic and budget adviser for the Australian Government minister responsible for social policy.  Ronald credits this time for completing his undergraduate education in political and policy advocacy and some of the darker arts of persuasion.  Asked for a highlight, Ronald would nominate fronting, with the responsible Minister, the Economic Review Committee of Cabinet to argue and gain approval on new social policy measures.

Ronald’s later public sector work has been based around employment and education policy.  He has been for a long time, and remains, an advocate for education policy as an economic issue, where equity of opportunity irrespective of background is a key national policy agenda issue that will remain a key pillar to this nation’s economic prosperity and social inclusion.  Having chosen in the 1980s to embark on an open, globally competitive, trade based economy, the right education polices for Australia and all Australians is an economic imperative, if a valued and rewarding inclusive society is to be realised for all.

Prior to the government sector, Ronald worked with companies such as BP Australia, the Harpur Group of the United Kingdom, and for National Mutual Assets Management, and he finds it particularly rewarding to observe the entrepreneurship of so many TAFE graduates.

Being a dual citizen with his birth nation of New Zealand, Ronald is a passionate rugby man, a support of St Kilda AFL, and Balmain Tigers NRL and all things Split Enz. Married with a lovely boy, you may find Ronald on LinkedIn and on Twitter.

Contact details: +61 418 979 031 or email

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