Tuesday 28 January 2020

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Holiday Greetings from TDA

Dear readers,

We’ve prepared a Carol for the season, based on the classic, Good King Wenceslas.

To help you through the mangled verse, we’ve provided the original tune below.

So, here we go.

Oh please rum-in-ate with me
On the year we’ve ha-d
Highs and lows, but let us see
If it’s been that b-a-d
Gov-ern-ment, it seems to wreck
Any-thing it touches
Only focus that they get
Is voters in their clut-ches

Karen Andrews fought the fight
Foc-us-ing on status
But her tool kit was too light
No one gave a rat-us’
In des-par-ation she did say
No one beats Australia
From the Scot(t) she copped a spray
Now we have Mich-ae-lia

Then we have our Aussie Scot
Sen-a-tor Doug Cam-eron
Fight the fight and stop the rot
Tackling Cash his clarion
He’s a champion of the trades
Look where it has got him
Bring back TAFE before it fades
Is his constant hy-mn

Listen here forgive the code
In this little stanza
TAFEs have taken all the load
Of the loan disast’a
Legis-lation we have read
Little owed is clear
Time to put it all to bed
See you all next ye-ar

The World Congress pulled a crowd
Near the Yarra river
Aussie TAFEs we should be proud
Of what we did deliver
Winners of the train-ing awards
Across the whole darn nation
One and all you should applaud
Your deep apprec-ia-tion

So, on pol-it-ics we jest
In this Christmas season
But as leaders we know best
Students are the rea-son
Of their future if you care
TAFE the word to spe-ll
Trust and passion is their flair
Hoorah the Aussie je-well

Season’s Greetings and a happy 2019!

(Photo: Creative Commons, https://www.pexels.com/photo/aussie-summer-beach-merry-christmas-xmas-holidays-192147/)

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