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World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics 2018

TAFE Directors Australia, alongside our member institutes and with the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP), will host the 2018 World Congress for the WFCP. The 2018 Congress will bring together thought leaders, institution directors, practitioners and researchers to explore the theme of:

Preparing for the Skills Future, Now 

This theme will make a difference to the outcomes of millions of vocational and professional students world-wide.

The Congress will be held in Melbourne from 8-10 October, 2018.

For more information, including enquiries around participation and sponsorship, please visit the WFCP World Congress 2018 website email

2018 Congress Theme Announced

The Congress will consider the transformative impact of automation on work and engagement and establish global positions on the priorities for skilling citizens across the globe to be effective participants in economic activity and engaged in their communities.

Disrupters such as automation, digitalisation and globalisation, alongside workplaces and workers seeking greater flexibility, are forcing the global training community to look differently at how we teach and skill.

It is well documented that the world of work is changing, at a pace not seen before. Automation is displacing workers, especially those in medium skilled occupations, creating imperatives for organisations to retrain and upskill their workers. Developing economies are seeing an increasing divide between the fate of low or unskilled workers, in contrast to higher level skilled workers.

Digitalisation is changing the way industry and employers work, and also changing the way institutions deliver training. Workforces are global, either with workers moving countries, or participating in globally connected supply-chain activities. Industry is placing a premium on skills such as communication, initiative and problem solving. Industry also expects colleges to interact with them much more intimately than before. There is also a shift towards less formal training and micro credentials.

These issues are creating profound impacts on the way institutions operate, and the training needs they need to serve. The skills arising from training courses have shorter periods of relevance. Training providers are expected to deliver the knowledge and capabilities that allow people to operate in a variety of settings, and to constantly learn and adapt. The 2018 World Congress will explore these issues.

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