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The Network

TDA is a proud member of UNESCO UNEVOC's International network of Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) providers.

The member network is a global platform for TVETwith the aim to further mainstream South-South and North-South-South cooperation. The UNEVOC Network, coordinated by the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre, is made up of UNEVOC Centres, which are established in TVET institutions and serve as focal points in the provision of services and platforms for international and regional cooperation in TVET. The Network is instrumental in the production and dissemination of research, case studies, databases, publications, and enables the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre to perform its function as a clearinghouse.

Through the Network, UNEVOC Centres can share knowledge and experiences related to all aspects of TVET, exchange country experiences and discuss issues of common relevance in meetings organized by themselves, by the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre or virtually through the UNEVOC Network Portal or the UNEVOC e-Forum.

- More information on the UNEVOC Network can be found on UNESCO-UNEVOC's website 

TDA - A Cluster Coordinating Centre for the Pacific Islands

Tafe Directors Australia has been nominated as one of two Cluster Coordinating Centres (NCVER is the other)  for The UNEVOC Network in the Pacific Islands.

In its role as Cluster Coordinator, TDA recently initiated and facilitated a Regional Forum (see tab on the left for more information).

TDA's International Manager, Jessica Davis, recently travelled to UNESCO-UNEVOC headquarters in Bonn, Germany to undertake a proffessional development secondment. During her secondment, Jessica worked on a range of tasks. Specifically she focused on generating greater engagement with UNEVOC Network members from UNEVOC Centres in the Pacific Islands. She achieved this through targeted research and via the development of a capacity development programme.

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