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Rural and Regional Development

TDA policy position

The TDA Board recognises the importance of responding to specific needs of rural and regional students and their communities. In early 2010, the Board approved the development of a Rural and Regional Sub-Committee. The Sub-Committee has developed a policy position paper which outlines TAFE’s important role in the development and prosperity of rural and regional Australia.

Click here to view the TDA Policy Paper.

Functions of the regional sub-committee

The functions of the sub-committee will be to

·     Assist the TDA Board and secretariat in its decision making process and in its representations on federal policy and funding issues;

·     Develop a shared perspective on issues and practices relevant to communities, industry and TAFE providers in regional Australia, especially those that may not be readily apparent to state and/or federal governments or that are inadequately considered in their policy frameworks;

·     Share information and identify further research and information needs relevant to the provision of TAFE services in regional Australia and to brief the TDA board on common issues and approaches;

·     Co-operate in joint projects for regional locations across jurisdictional boundaries, e.g. curriculum development and delivery suitable for very remote communities, irrespective of state boundaries.

Have Your Say on Regional TAFEs

The Chair of TDA's Regional Advisory Committee, Elizabeth McGregor, invites all regional TDA members to participate in the Committee's regular teleconferences.

Teleconference dates for 2013 are 5 April, 21 June, 16 August and 1 November.

The TDA Board established the Committee in 2010 to consider and advise the Board on issues that have a particular impact on TAFE in regional Australia. The potential for TAFE to take a leadership role in regional development is outlined in a TDA publication, TAFE's Strategic Leadership Role in Regional Australia, launched by the Hon Simon Crean, Minister for Regional Australia and Rob Oakeshott MP at Parliament House, Canberra in 2011.

To obtain teleconference dial-in details and agendas contact Liana Tighe at liana.tighe1@tafensw.edu.au.

For more information about the Committee's role and activities contact Pam Caven, TDA Director, Stakeholder Engagement at pam.caven@tda.edu.au.'

Occasional Paper - Strategic Regional Leadership for the Future

Regional Development Australia – Mid North Coast (RDA MNC) and TDA have published an Occasional Paper which is a summary of papers presented at the ‘Strategic Regional Leadership for the Future’conference held in Port Macquarie in October 2010. TDA was a key sponsor of the event. The conference was attended by both the Minister for Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government, the Hon Simon Crean MP, and Member for Lyne, Rob Oakeshott MP.

Click here to view the Occasional Paper.

Case study - Narrabri

Following a regional jobs summit in Narrabri in 2009, participants of the summit set up an advisory group to drive collaboration between the local government and the community to ensure the region’s prosperity. The CEO of AgriFood Skills Australia, Arthur Blewitt, has prepared a paper outlining the priorities and outcomes of the case study.

Click here to view the paper.