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Current Policy Papers

See below for a listing of policy papers prepared by TDA.


Position Paper - Employment and economic benefits of additional investment in technical and further education

TDA full report "Cost-benefit analysis and returns from additional investment in Vocational Education and Trainingby Independent Economics (Aug 2013) 1.58 MB 

Executive Summary of report (Aug 2013) 444 KB


Position Paper - Quality in a new open market ‘national entitlement’ system of vocational education and training

Click here for TDA feedback on NSSC Position Paper (Apr 2013) 453 KB


Position Paper - Maintaining a commitment to skills funding & meeting Australia's skill shortages


Position Paper - Educational Leadership in the delivery of green skills for sustainable development

Click here for a link to the Stern Review on the Economic Effects of Climate Change Cabinet Office – HM Treasury UK (2007) 

Click here for a link to the Garnaut Climate Change Review (2008)  
Click here for a link to the COAG Green Skills Agreement (2009) 
Click here for a link to the Dusseldorp Skills Forum Gen Green Report (2011)

Click here for a link to Dr Martin Parkinson's lecture on "Sustainable Wellbeing - an economic future for Australia"


Position Paper - TAFE Leadership in International Education

Click here for TDA submission to the International Education Advisory Council (Jun 2012) 732 KB

Click here for TDA submission to the Australia in the Asian Century Taskforce (Mar 2012) 924 KB


Position Paper - Skill set funding – reforms to workplace training


TDA case studies "Reinventing service delivery - TAFE meeting industry needs and government goals"

(by Dr John Mitchell, Feb 2013) 15,413 KB - total

Reinventing Service Delivery: Case Studies of TAFE Institutes meeting industry and government goals

Reinventing Service DeliveryCase Study 1- TAFE Adelaide South Institute and Redarc Electronics

Reinventing Service Delivery: Case Study 2- Skills Tech Australia and Toyota Motor Corporation 
Reinventing Service Delivery: Case Study 3- Challenger Institute of Technology and Apache Energy Ltd
Reinventing Service Delivery : Case Study 4- Kangan Institute and the Council of Textile and Fashion Industries of Australia 
Reinventing Service Delivery: Case Study 5- Riverina Institute and Murrumbidgee Local Health District


Position Paper Pathways in Tertiary Education and funding for work-ready degrees

Click here for TDA case studies "Pathways to Higher Qualifications" (Aug 13) 5 MB

Click here for TDA discussion paper "Public technical and further education providers in the tertiary sector - Unleashing the capability" (Jul 2013) 985 KB


Position Paper Direct Federal engagement within Australia’s Public provider (TAFE) Institutes

Click here for TDA submission to the House of Representatives Inquiry (May 2013) 973 KB

Click here for TDA initial submission to the QLD Skills and Training Taskforce (Aug 12) 2.19 MB

Click here for TDA supplementary submission to the QLD Skills and Training Taskforce (Oct 2012) 360 KB

Occasional Paper One 2012 – TDA National Conference
TDA Members Survey Report

National Charter for TAFE


Occasional Paper three – Balancing the Big Issues, December 2011

The Case for a National Charter for TAFE – a discussion paper, November 2011

TDA Position - Provider Categories: Higher Education, VET and Tertiary (presentation to Skills Australia, September 2011)

Occasional Paper – TDA and LH Martin Institute Tertiary Education Missions to the United Kingdom and the United States, October 2011

Opportunities and Challenges for UK Further Education, by Pam Caven, July 2011

TAFE’s strategic leadership role in Regional Australia, May 2011

Realising Australia’s Tertiary Sector: the case for Provider Categories in VET, April 2011


Occasional Paper: National Conference for TAFE Directors Australia 2010 (Part 1)

Occasional Paper: National Conference for TAFE Directors Australia 2010 (Part 2)

Occasional Paper: National Conference for TAFE Directors Australia 2010 (Part 3)

Occasional Paper: National Conference for TAFE Directors Australia 2010 (Part 4)

Occasional Paper: National Conference for TAFE Directors Australia 2010 (Part 5)

Occasional Paper: National Conference for TAFE Directors Australia 2010 (Part 6)

Enhancing Retention in Young People Especially to Year 12 Through Vocational Skills
A Blueprint for Australia's Tertiary Education Sector
TDA Election Manifesto 2010

Joint TAFE Directors Australia/Universities Australia statement on Tertiary Education

Global Themes in VET: Observations from TAFE Directors Australia delegation to England and Scotland 2009

Skills for Australia's Emergence in a Global Financial Crisis Occasional Paper Q4 2009

Indigenous Case Studies Occasional Paper Q1 2009


TAFE meets Parliament Skills Innovation 2020 Occasional Paper Q4 2008

Global Themes in VET - Observations from TDA Delegation to USA and Canada Occasional Paper Q3 2008

Key Issues and Future Directions in Vocational Skills for Youth Occasional Paper Q2 2008


October 2007, TDA Election Manifesto

June 2007, Self Assessment Guide to the National Code 2007

March 2007, Investing in Productivity: Engaging TAFE to Accelerate Workforce Development and Job Participation

August 2004, Investing in Australia's Future: Essential Strategies to Meet the Skills Challenge
August 2004, Funding for TAFE
August 2004, A National Youth Strategy
August 2004, The Role of TAFE in Regional & Remote Australia
August 2004, A National Strategy for Meeting Australia's Skills
September 2003, International Education: A TDA Position Paper


If you have any difficulties accessing any of TDA's position papers, please email memberservices@tda.edu.au.