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Newsletter: 2 February 2009

ABS Census figures show the dominant role of TAFE Institutes in Australian education, particularly for mature-aged students

The significant role of TAFE Institutes in Australia has been demonstrated in new data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The report, 'A Picture of a Nation: the Statistician's Report on the 2006 Census' showed more mature-age students were enrolled in TAFE than university - 40 per cent of TAFE students were aged 30 and over, compared with 27 per cent of university students. Other TAFE-related statistics in the report include:

  • Of the 4.6 million students in the Australia, more than 400,000 were TAFE Institute students.
  • Of the 41,000 16 year olds that were not attending school, one third were still being educated, mainly at TAFE Institutes
  • 67 per cent of TAFE students were part-time compared with 32 per cent of university students
  • A high proportion of TAFE students were in regional an rural areas

To view the education section of the report click here.

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Media speculates on upcoming Federal skills training announcement

The Australian Financial Review has suggested a skills training strategy to lead the next instalment of the Rudd government's response to the Global Financial Crisis.

TDA has made a detailed submission to the Deputy Prime Minister on skilling issues, especially opportunities to extend support for new TAFE infrastructure.

According to the AFR report, "The Rudd government is preparing to announce new measures to support employment and skills training as early as next week as it assesses how to deal with the sharper than expected economic slowdown".

The article included news that the Prime Minister has concluded talks with state premiers and industry on supporting employment and skills in the current economic climate.

The report also highlighted the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Skilled Vacancies Index which fell almost eight per cent for January, amounting to a drop of 43 per cent over the year. There was a 10 per cent decrease in vacancies in the trades.

To view the latest skilled vacancies figures click here.

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TDA takes part in National Roundtable - Issues for combining study and work

Today TAFE Directors Australia will take part in a National Roundtable meeting at Parliament House Canberra, organised by the House of Representatives Standing Committee of Vocational Education and Training, looking at "school to skills" issues in Australia.

Ms. Sharon Bird, Chair of the Standing Committee, and MP for Cunningham, announced the Roundtable as part of its focus on the 'Combining school and work: supporting successful youth transitions' inquiry.

TDA will be represented by Ms. Kaye O'Hara, Deputy CEO of CIT Canberra - CIT recently launched its own successful vocational VET in Schools college.

Last month TDA submitted a detailed paper to the Standing Committee Inquiry which focused on VET in schools and related issues. To view the submission click here.

To listen to the meeting through the Parliament website click here.

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Final call for participation in TAFE socio-economic impact study

TDA is cooperating with a North American firm that is modeling the economic impact contributions of TAFE in suburban and regional communities.

At the TDA forum in September, Economic Modeling Specialist Inc. (EMSI) provided credentials on its socio-economic impact studies for institutions - particularly in North American cities, outer metro and wider communities.

Several Australian TAFE institutes have so far signed up for their own analysis, starting in February with an anticipated completion circa July 2009.

Institutes can use the study to:

  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of their institute in their communities
  • Seek funding for new facilities
  • Lobby to increase funding levels or not have funding levels cut
  • Support advocacy / media campaigns showing the value of the institute in economic terms

Included in the study, each institute receives an 80 page report, a five page executive summary, fact sheet on the value of the institute, and other specific reports.

Further information - contact direct Andrew Crapuchettes c/- EMSI. The cost for institutes to be involved in this pilot Australian study is $AUD 15,000.

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AEI seeking help to distribute survey on employability of international graduates

Australian Education International (AEI), part of the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, is undertaking a research project: International graduate employment outcomes - onshore and offshore. The project will contribute to a fuller understanding of the factors affecting employability of international graduates from the higher education and VET sectors.

AEI is seeking to disseminate the survey to alumni networks. The online survey will take about 15 minutes to complete and participants will have a chance to win prizes.

For further information on the project click here.

TDA supports the project and encourages industry to assist with the dissemination of this online survey. Please contact Rebecca Biazos, 0407 550 180 indicating your agreement to distribute the survey.

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Diary Dates

New CHC08 Training Package Implementation Forums
DATE: February - March
LOCATION: Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane
DETAILS: A series of one-day forums will be facilitated around the country to support the implementation of the new Community Services Training Package. For information on each forum, click here.

BIG Skills Conference
DATE: 2-5 March 2009
LOCATION: Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour
DETAILS: For more information click here.

Inaugural Higher Education Conference 2009
DATE: 4-6 March 2009
LOCATION: Hotel Realm, Canberra
DETAILS: For more information click here.

National Career Conference
DATE: 15-17 April 2009
LOCATION: Grand Hyatt, Melbourne
DETAILS: For more information click here.

State Conference 2009, 'Delivering Success in a Contestable Future'
DATE: 7-8 May 2009
LOCATION: Victoria University Convention Centre
DETAILS: More information will be available early March 2009

DATE: 18-19 July 2009
LOCATION: RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane
DETAILS: For more information click here.

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