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Innovation and Applied Research Roundtable

TAFE Directors Australia and LH Martin, University of Melbourne held a joint Innovation and Applied Research Roundtable in Canberra in March, 2016 to promote discussion about TAFE’s role in Australia’s National Innovation and Science Agenda.

Approximately 100 TAFE leaders, industry partners, government representatives and stakeholders attended the Roundtable held at Canberra Institute of Technology, which featured speakers from Australia and internationally.  

Dr John Lea from the UK,  Dr Alex Zahavich from Canada and Kay Giles and Chris Collins from New Zealand outlined how their public colleges, polytechnics or institutes are supporting national innovation policy and employer demand for higher technical skills.

Examples of TAFE and industry applied research and innovation were highlighted in areas such as gas exploration (TAFE Queensland), health (Holmesglen Institute) and forensic science (Canberra Institute of Technology).

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