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Information for students at Careers Australia

On Thursday 25 May the board of Careers Australia appointed administrators, which may affect students studying at the institution.

TAFE Directors Australia (TDA) operates the Tuition Assurance scheme for Careers Australia. Under these arrangements, TDA is required to assist you to move to an alternative provider where you can continue to access VET Student Loans.

There are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Careers Australia is still operational until such time as the administrators have made decisions about its future.
  • You should continue with your study until such time as further advice is provided.
  • Please do not enrol in other courses with other providers until we have contacted you further.
  • We need to collect your details so we can contact you when we know the future of Careers Australia is known
  • While this may be worrying, the government has protections in place to help you to move to another provider if needed.
  • If you are an international student, the government has separate protections in place, and we need to collect your details

Please provide your name, email, mobile, course name, location, and any further comments by email to tas@tda.edu.au