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   June 2013  



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Fujian to officially implement Higher Vocational Education Entrance Examination in 2014



From 2014 onwards, Fujian will issue the "higher vocational education entrance examination,”. It has organised the first examination at the end of December next year. This supports the Ministry of Education reform to separate the examinations for undergraduate and junior college students. 


According to Fujian Provincial Education Examinations Authority, higher vocational education examination will be open to graduates as well as alumni from regular senior secondary schools and secondary vocational schools. Students without Fujian residency permits are also allowed to sign up for the examination. The examination will be held annually in December or January and admission starts in March. 


Source: http://zhijiao.jyb.cn/zyjyxw/201305/t20130516_537957.html

2013全国职业院校技能大赛将举行 设15个分赛区

2013 National Vocational Skills Competition to be held in 15 Sub-divisions



The 2013 National Vocational Skills Competition will be held in Tianjin,Hebei, Shanxi, Jilin, Jiangsu and other 15 sub-divisions from May 25 to June 28.


There are a total of 14 professional categories within the 100 events, with Tianjin hosting 34 of the events. Over 10,000 students are expected to participate this year. All the stadiums at Tianjin will be fully open to the competition, with 500 representatives from 50 countries and regions invited to the competition and relevant activities.


Source: http://zhijiao.jyb.cn/zyjyxw/201305/t20130521_538632.html

沪科班文物修复人才"热销" 首届28位毕业生"出师"

Shanghai professionally trained Conservators "working well"; first 28 Students to graduate 



The first 28 students majoring in relic conservation at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts will soon graduate, giving  Shanghai its first group of conservators with a bachelor degree.


While college graduates generally have a hard time finding jobs, the group of professionally trained conservators are “working well”, and are about to work in the Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Library and Zhejiang Provincial Museum and many other relic study and exhibition institutions.


At present, people with relic conservation skills in China are extremely scarce. In 2008, the Shanghai Museum and the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts established a five-year academic bachelor degree of relic conservation in order to develop students' practical abilities through a series of training courses.


Source: http://www.zhiyexuexi.com/news/vocation/high/2013-05-27/A884372.html


Over one hundred college undergraduates in Wuhan attend Technical School because of employment difficulties



A group of college graduates decided to go back to technical school so they could have an advantage in job hunting by gaining a technical school diploma. Construction enterprises are lacking high-quality technical personnel and it would take longer to traintheir current employees, so college student technicians are especially popular.


Qualified college students can learn skills for free if they choose to go back to technical school. Students from rural households,including counties and towns, students from new or suburb areas of prefecture-level cities and needy students from cities can all be given direct tuition fee waivers according to the national government policies and relevant policy in Hubei. Some students can also apply for state grants.


Source: http://www.zhiyexuexi.com/news/vocation/high/2013-06-01/A884779.html


Direct connection and recommendations between vocational school and enterprises result in 100% employment rate in Yunnan



Graduation season has arrived and many vocational students have received their offers even before graduating, some receiving these offers up to a year ago. In Yunnan province, it is proposed that vocational education should be carried out according to the needs of the society and market. The vocational high school in Kunming Guandu District has started a significant cooperation with over 200 enterprises in and out of Yunnan. This cooperation has established a direct relationship between students and the enterprises and enabled a 100% employment rate.


Source: http://www.zhiyexuexi.com/news/vocation/high/2013-06-01/A884787.html


Ministry of Education issues directive to promote the reform of Higher Vocational Examination and Enrolment System.


The Ministry of Education has issued directives requiring diversified methods of higher vocational education entrance examination and enrolment to be established. To this end, the Ministry of Education recently issued “Guidance on Promoting Vocational Examination and Enrolment System Reform”.


This directive requires an enrolment approach based on college entrance examination and skills tests which will be in addition to the higher vocational entrance examination. A second requirement of the directive is to reform the enrolment process of independent examinations. National and provincial demonstration vocational schools are now empowered to organise independent examinations and skill tests. Another requirement of the directive is to develop comprehensive evaluation methods for vocational entrance admission, that is, to base enrolment on the scores of high school proficiency tests as well as the results of the overall quality of students. The fourth requirement of the directive regarding the higher junior vocational students is that their achievements in professional skill tests are taken as the primary basis for admission.


Source: http://www.zhiyexuexi.com/news/vocation/high/2013-06-04/A885177.html

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