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Special Bulletin - 11 August 2010

The Australian ‘Higher Education’ - TAFE Leadership discuss tertiary education

TDA Chair Bruce Mackenzie, and the Deputy Director General, TAFE and Community Education DET NSW, Pam Christie, have launched into print in The Australian Higher Education section, responding to last week’s contribution from Professor Ian Young, Vice Chancellor of Swinburne University of Technology.

Bruce Mackenzie argued that the recently released TDA Blueprint on Tertiary Education in Australia “is an attempt to communicate a clear vision of how a more vibrant, diverse and higher quality tertiary education sector can be created.” Click here to view the article.

Pam Christie strongly supported TAFE Institutes being able to offer degrees, and outlined statistics on why the Bradley targets for lifting national qualification levels will be enhanced if TAFE continues to expand HE degree qualifications. Click here to view the article.

Gavin Moodie, an analyst at RMIT, reported on a proposal by Central Queensland University to create a dual-sector institution, with a TAFE Institute in the Queensland region. He also discusses structural adjustment plans by Professor David Battersby, Vice Chancellor of University of Ballarat, to form a tertiary network with eight Victorian TAFE Institutes that may extend to regional TAFEs in other states. Click here to view the article.



Six of Melbourne’s metropolitan TAFE Institutes have again joined to fund a national advertisement in today’s The Australian newspaper (see attached). The TAFE Institutes criticised current visa and government regulations, which they said were “not conducive to re-establishing confidence in our industry.”

The six TAFE Institutes funding the advertising campaign were William Angliss, NMIT, Kangan, Holmesglen, Chisholm and Box Hill.